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About Us

Tormarine was established in 2008. Its team however has over 20 years experience in technical ship supplies. We have great knowledge of the Portuguese, European and International markets and are prepared to supply any type of vessel with the widest variety of technical parts she may need under repair.

Our team operates in Lisnave Shipyard in Portugal, a place where it contacts daily and intensively with vessels under repair which provides an enhanced experience adding to its technical expertise. We focus both in creating close relationships with our clients, thus having a clearer view of their needs, hardships and expectations, and on building long term partnerships with our suppliers in order to offer the highest quality of products and services at the best possible prices and in the shortest amount of time possible.

When on board it is our policy to offer personal and constant assistance to each vessel closely following the repair and thus becoming part of the solution. It is due to not being a general but a technical supplier that we can offer such an exclusive service.

Our staff is carefully chosen for only those who truly understand and embody our values of competence, dedication, thoroughness and honesty, can help us pursue and develop our vision.

Ships can't wait and this is something Tormarine never forgets.

CEO & Technical Manager

Marcos Santos
Mobile: +351 915 424 111
Email: ms@tormarine.pt

Engineering Department

Salgueiro Proença
Mobile: +351 915 106 416
Email: sp@tormarine.pt

Head of Accounting

Madalena Haderer
Mobile: +351 912 280 857
Email: mh@tormarine.pt

Technical Department

Paulo Carinhas
Mobile: +351 915 237 100
Email: pc@tormarine.pt