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Tormarine represents WIN2000 Vent-Heads from Winteb

September 2010

Tormarine represents the new WIN2000 Air Pipe Heads from Winteb. With its revolutionary design, these vent-heads are better, smaller and lighter than any other Vent-Heads in market. Instead of the usual cast-iron, welded hot dipped iron/steel constructions or stainless steel, WIN2000 are produced with seawater resistant aluminium DIN1725. Hence it will not corrode and requires no maintenance. Furthermore the WIN2000 have a space and weight saving design that is revolutionary compared to other Air Pipe Heads. For example: The dimensions of the DN 50 are ø 106 mm by 161 mm; its weight, an astonishing 2 kg.

WIN2000 innovative design enables it to have an above average volumetric flow, especially in the larger sizes. Winteb Vent-Heads use an O-ring sealed retaining ring. This way the PE ball, together with the O-ring, provide the best possible leakage protection.

There are three kinds of WIN2000 available:

  • Type 1, the most common, which is used for example in ballast tanks. This model is available in the following sizes: DN50/65/80/100/125/150/175/200/250 and DN450;
  • Type 1-B which has a larger anti-splash water shield and is recommended for tanks in which absolutely no water splashing is allowed, like fuel oil tanks. It is available in the following sizes: DN50/65/80/100/125;
  • And type "Small Flange" Connection which is model 1-B with a flange diameter which will not exceed the diameter of the Air Pipe Head itself. It is available in sizes DN50/65/80/100/125.

See picture for the three different models.

All Winteb products are approved by ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd's Register, RINA, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and China Classification Society.

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