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Joint Sheet Gasket

IMPA Code 811073; 811074; 811075; 811076
IMPA Category 81/Packing & Jointing


Made with a strong, non-asbestos aramid fiber. The aramid fiber is mixed with a special rubber binder. It has the following characteristics:
1. Made with non-asbestos fiber.
2. With the strong aramid fiber, tensile strength and stability should be sufficient.
3. Good sealing effect is expected because of the flexibility and the smooth surface of the sheets.
4. Easy to process on the job site as with asbestos sheeting.
5. No corrosion expected on the flange because chlorine has been minimized in the construction.

Temperature -50 to 120ºC
Pressure 3.3 MPa (34kgf/cm2)


For water, seawater and oil.


811073 Joint Sht Gasket Non-Asbestos 1.0x1200x1500mm
811074 Joint Sht Gasket Non-Asbestos 1.5x1200x1500mm
811075 Joint Sht Gasket Non-Asbestos 2.0x1200x1500mm
811076 Joint Sht Gasket Non-Asbestos 3.0x1200x1500mm