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Packing Marpack

IMPA Code 811361; 811362; 811363; 811364; 811365; 811366; 811367
IMPA Category 81/Packing & Jointing


Fibreglass yarns impregnated with graphite PTFE dispersion & mineral oil and then graphite.
Construction: Lattice braided
Fluids suitable: Water, steam, mild acids, oils and general chemicals, etc.
Application: Rotary shafts, reciprocating pistons, pumps, valve spindles, etc.
Maximum temperature: -85°C +480°C
Pressure: 20-150 bar
Shaft speed: 1.5-4 m/s
pH: 4-10

Ptfe Fiber:
Fibre glass yarns impregnated with PTFE dispersion and a high quality oil lubricant.
Construction: Lattice braided
Fluids suitable: Medium index acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, etc.
Sealing type: Stuffing boxes on rotary, alternative shafts for coolants, reciprocating valves, petrochemical and foodstuff industries, etc.
Maximum temperature: 260°C
Maximum pressure: 50-140 bar
Shaft Speed: 2-12 m/s
pH: 2-12


Regulating valve, control valve.


811361 Packing Graphited Marpack Braided 3.0mmX2Mtr
811362 Packing Graphited Marpack Braided 5.0mmX2Mtr
811363 Packing Graphited Marpack Braided 6.5mmX2Mtr
811364 Packing Graphited Marpack Braided 8.0mmX2Mtr
811365 Packing Graphited Marpack Braided 9.5mmX2Mtr
811366 Packing Graphited Marpack Braided 11.0mmX2Mtr
811367 Packing Graphited Marpack Braided 12.5mmX2Mtr
810401 Packing Ptfe Fiber 3mmX2Mtr
810402 Packing Ptfe Fiber 5mmX2Mtr
810403 Packing Ptfe Fiber 6.5mmX2Mtr
810404 Packing Ptfe Fiber 8mmX2Mtr
810405 Packing Ptfe Fiber 9.5mmX2Mtr
810406 Packing Ptfe Fiber 11mmX2Mtr
810407 Packing Ptfe Fiber 12.5mmX2Mtr