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Scupper Plugs

IMPA Code 232485; 232486; 232487
IMPA Category 23/Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items


Easy to use, insert plug in the drain hole and tighten the handle until a slight resistance is felt, the rubber plug will be expanded and held firmly in place.
Rubber parts are made of oil resistant rubber (CR). Seven types are available according to the pipe size.


For sealing the scupper holes for spilled oil or polluted liquids.


Size of chain Aplied (d) Model Dimensions mm d Dimensions mm D Dimensions mm l Dimensions mm L Wt kgs.
232485 50N-100 90 115 65 160 0.6
232486 50N-125  110 135  65 160 0.8
232487 50N-150  135 160  65 160 1.0